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Whatever your advertising needs, Pharmaceutical Journal Publications can help you develop a strategy to meet your requirements. We can build campaigns across our online publications and print capabilities to ensure you receive the best possible response. We can offer you brand awareness, direct communication with users through newsletter advertising, condition/treatment area sponsorship, custom print publishing, podcasts and many more opportunities to enable you to reach the right pharmaceutical audience.

To find out more about our audience, advertising capabilities and rates, please get in touch with us directly by contacting:

Our audience

As the official publication for members of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, it is our duty to provide pharmacists with the necessary news, information and educational content to support them and achieve our goal of improving patient experiences via their consultations with pharmacists.

We cater for Pharmacists at every stage of their career. That audience includes:

Community pharmacists
Pharmaceutical scientists
Independent prescribers
Hospital pharmacists
Pharmacy students
Pharmacy technicians
Industrial pharmacists
Pre-registration trainees
Regulatory pharmacists
Pharmacy owners
Health policy makers
Other healthcare professionals

Our digital advertising capabilities

Banner advertising

As of 2021, we will be offering new and improved ad placements on the brand new website. Half-page/double MPUs and billboards will join our standard LB and MPU offering for desktop users on our site.

Recognising the significant increase in mobile users on our site, we are optimising our ad placements for clients to be able to deliver improved mobile adverts. We will be introducing mobile MPUs and mobile interstitial adverts to our current mobile leaderboard capabilities to ensure that your adverts retain maximum visibility on all devices.

Please get in touch with us for more information about our new targeting capabilities.

Third party emails

Deliver your custom-designed text or HTML emails to an engaged pharmacy sector audience. Our pharmacists have opted in to receive email notifications from organisations working in the pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences sector. For performance metrics and audience details please get in touch directly.

Newsletter sponsorship

We create three regular newsletters, delivered to our readers who have opted in to receive them. Over the course of 2020, our newsletters have emerged as the best way for our clients to receive clicks on their advertisements. By sponsoring just one newsletter, we have seen anything from 30–100+ clicks on advertising included. Sponsorship includes all advertising space in the newsletter, as well as a ‘brought to you by’ message.

Therapeutic area sponsorship

Our brand new site will give you the opportunity to align your brand to our subject landing pages. Following user testing, we have established that our users prefer to navigate our site via specific subject areas. To encourage this in 2021, we will be housing all of our content in easy-to-find Treatment/Condition landing pages. The sponsorship will include an advertising tenancy across all related content within that therapeutic area.

Sponsored editorial podcasts and videos

Using our award-winning editorial team and the brand-new PJ Content Studio, we can work with you closely to understand your aims and objectives and then convert those into high-quality multimedia products. Depending on the nature of the media, we will then be able to utilise our multi-channel marketing capabilities to ensure that your messages are heard by pharmacists across the UK.

Print solutions

The Pharmaceutical Journal has been a printed publication since its inception in 1841. Despite going completely digital this year, the journal will still retain all its print capabilities and our expertise in printed materials. Please get in touch with us directly for more information about our custom publishing offering.

Pharmaceutical Journal Jobs

Pharmaceutical Journal Jobs is our leading career resource and jobs board for pharmacist, pharmaceutical scientist and healthcare professionals brought to you from The Pharmaceutical Journal Publications. Find your ideal candidate by posting your vacancies and searching our CV database, all using our simple self-service system. We can also help you with your employer brand awareness campaigns.