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The pharmacy profession is undergoing constant change. The profession of the future will not be the same as the profession of today. Advancements in technology and other pressures put the traditional role of the ‘dispenser’ into question. However, what may initially appear to be threats to a pharmacist’s livelihood could also be viewed as catalysts for innovation and the discovery of new career opportunities.

In 2017, The Pharmaceutical Journal’s Careers section aimed to showcase the individuals who are challenging the traditional pharmacy roles of today and redefining the careers of the pharmacy team of tomorrow. Those featured included individuals who have embraced the digital health revolution for the betterment of their patients, pharmacy technicians who were able to realise their career aspirations of becoming pharmacists, and a medicines management team who have developed a novel way of working to ease the burden of ongoing GP shortages in Lancashire.

With alternative pharmacist careers now becoming the norm, it is increasingly difficult to describe the typical role of a pharmacist and what a typical career journey looks like. Pharmacists continue to utilise their creativity, initiative and grit to forge their own paths.

Some pharmacists have always known where their passions lie, such as Nikki Holmes, immediate past president of the College of Mental Health Pharmacists; Sarah Marshall, whose mission is to bring pharmacy to the global stage; and Amit Dhand, best-selling crime novelist, who uses the written word as a vehicle for his creativity. Others, like Rocco Hadland, specialist heart failure pharmacist, found their niche only after years working in a different industry.

Prolific pharmacists such as William Wake and Karen Baxter remind us how far the profession has come and that moving across sectors has never been more possible.

As a pharmacist and careers editor for The Pharmaceutical Journal, I have discovered that pharmacy is full of inspiring advocates for the profession, and it is my hope for 2018 to continue to showcase these individuals in a manner that is not only engaging but relevant to pharmacy professionals at all stages of their careers.

Here are the top career features, profiles and Q&A articles published in 2017. Please feel free to share any interesting ideas you have for future careers content for The Pharmaceutical Journal and as always, your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Careers features

  1. From pharmacy technician to pharmacist
  2. Tech pioneers: pharmacists in technology and software development
  3. The medicines management team: a sustainable approach to pharmacist and GP collaboration

Career profiles

  1. William Wake’s war
  2. How Karen Baxter’s career evolved from clinical pharmacy to content strategy
  3. How Nikki Holmes helps mental health patients on their journey from high secure services to recovery

Career Q&As

  1. My journey from analytical chemist to heart failure specialist pharmacist
  2. From Brighton to Oman: my journey to establish pharmacy globally
  3. Fact or fiction? My career as a pharmacist and best-selling author
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