Pharmacy Learning Centre

The Pharmacy Learning Centre on joint pain is the result of a partnership between The Pharmaceutical Journal and GSK. Together, we aim to provide free and open resources for pharmacy teams to better serve patients seeking advice for joint pain.

We collate editorial learning content produced for The Pharmaceutical Journal and complement this with newly commissioned articles and content, produced with the financial support of GSK. Our partner, GSK, also has the opportunity to position their educational material explaining the value of the work and products they produce for patients.

The Pharmacy Learning Centre is central to our mission to provide pharmacy with valuable advice and support their everyday practice.


The Pharmaceutical Journal is the official journal of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. We aim to inform pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists on the latest advances in pharmacy practice and pharmaceutical science throughout the world; provide career advice to these professionals and support them in their progression; and importantly, to build recognition of the benefits of the advancement of pharmacy practice and pharmaceutical science.

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