#WhyWeDoResearch Tweetchat explores how research improves patient care

Some participants of the whywedoresearch #WhyWeDoResearch Tweetfest 2017

The first session of the #WhyWeDoResearch Tweetfest 2017, curated by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS), Pharmacy Research UK (PRUK) and WePharmacists, discussed “Research and evidence in pharmacy: engaging to improve patient care”.

Pharmacists from across the sectors responded to questions including, from Pharmacy Research UK, “What examples are there of pharmacy research, evidence and evaluation improving care and practice?” and “What support is there to develop your research & evaluation skills in pharmacy?”

Responding to the first question, Mahendra Patel, Fellow of the RPS and English Pharmacy Board member, suggested the Refer to Pharmacy system, which ensures hospital patients in East Lancashire receive continuity of pharmaceutical care upon discharge:

Marianna Liaskou, research manager from the RPS professional development and support department, offered the RPS’s research advice surgeries as an example of the research support available:

Marissa A Mes, a PhD student at University College London’s Centre for Behavioural Medicine, said that pharmacist-led research brings better continuity of care for NHS patients:

Whilst Mags Johnston, a health services researcher and pharmacist, argued that improving patient outcomes means obtaining new evidence, rather than relying on the “status quo”:

Matthew Johnston, museum documentation assistant at the RPS, reminded contributors that research in pharmacy is part of a long tradition:

Tweetfest began in 2016, and aims to “celebrate healthcare research across the globe [and] to give patients, public and staff a vehicle to say why they do what they do.” This year’s Tweetfest features 30 tweetchats over a two-week schedule, ending on 26 May 2017. Tweets posted as part of the pharmacy research chat have been collated, and may be viewed here: http://www.wecommunities.org/tweet-chats/chat-details/2996

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The Pharmaceutical Journal, #WhyWeDoResearch Tweetchat explores how research improves patient care;Online:DOI:10.1211/PJ.2017.20202841

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