With pharmacist prescribing becoming more widely embedded across sectors in the UK, The Pharmaceutical Journal’s new collection of prescribing resources has been developed to support pharmacists as they develop the knowledge and skills required to safely, confidently and independently prescribe medicines.

Content is mapped to the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS)’s ‘Competency framework for all prescribers’ and is fully contextualised to pharmacist prescribing. As we add to this collection throughout 2024, we aim to provide a comprehensive overview of the consultation and prescribing process, helping learners to understand the core prescribing principles and models, while developing advanced clinical reasoning and communication skills.

Communication and person-centred practice

Assessment and diagnosis

Practice safely and confidently with practical guidance, resources and support from the RPS

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Whether you’re interested in becoming a prescriber, need advice on how to find a designated prescribing practitioner, or are currently working as a prescriber and looking to expand your scope of practice, the RPS has produced a range of resources to help you practice safely and confidently.

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