Paracetamol overuse puts children at risk

29 November 2015: The Sunday Times reported on concerns from a paediatrician that parents’ overuse of paracetamol-based medicines is putting children’s health at risk. RPS spokesperson Steve Tomlin spoke to the paper: “Where we go wrong is when people carry on using [paracetamol] at high doses. Children often go from one care setting to another – with the grandparents or school – and the chances of them getting extra doses might be quite high. You only need two or three days giving an extra dose above what is recommended and it is not such a safe drug and can start hitting the liver.”

This story was also picked up by the Daily Mail, The Sun, The Herald and the RPS spoke to BBC Radio 5Live and BBC Radio Scotland.

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The Pharmaceutical Journal, Paracetamol overuse puts children at risk;Online:DOI:10.1211/PJ.2015.20200211

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