Appropriate prescribing practices and considerations: a hospital pharmacist’s perspective (audio)

This podcast, sponsored by Colonis Pharma, outlines how pharmacists can implement age-appropriate prescribing and choose the right formulation in practice.

Sponsored by Colonis Pharma and produced by PJ Content Studio

Ensuring appropriate prescribing practices are adopted is one of the most important features of a healthcare professional’s day-to-day life.

Making this happen in practice is not easy, as healthcare professionals need to keep up to date with the latest research and best practice underpinning clinical prescribing choices.

Pharmacists occupy an interesting middle ground between clinical practice and research and, therefore, are uniquely placed to navigate the complex issues associated with appropriate prescribing practice, combining scientific knowledge with practical experience.

This podcast with Alastair Paterson, a neuro-disability pharmacist, provides a powerful insight into meeting the needs of children through age-appropriate prescribing practices, including:

  • Effective dosing — how it applies in everyday life on the ward;
  • Prescribing guidance — closing the evidence practice gap;
  • Age-appropriate prescribing— adding value through formulation choice;
  • Avoiding quick fixes — the challenges associated with tablet crushing and patch cutting; and
  • Drug design — closing the loop between clinicians and drug companies. 

Prescribing information

Glycopyrronium Bromide 1mg/5mL oral solution is licensed in the UK for the symptomatic treatment of severe sialorrhoea in children and adolescents aged 3 years and older with chronic neurological disorders.

To view the prescribing information see:

For adverse event reporting go to

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Job number: UK-CPL-061-522; date of preparation: September 2020


Disclosures and conflicts of interest

Alastair Paterson has received a fee for his time participating in this podcast, produced by the PJ Content Studio on behalf of Colonis Pharma. The Pharmaceutical Journal editorial team were not involved in the production of this content.

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