Post-pandemic pharmacy: a brave new world? (audio)

Those shortlisted for our writing prize this year read out their entries and we announce the winners.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been one of the biggest challenges that the health service has faced, radically altering society and our attitudes to what is most important.

But what about pharmacy? Which aspects of the pandemic would you like to forget, and which would you like to retain? Is the pandemic a tragedy for pharmacy, or a bright new beginning? 

We asked our readers to creatively explore these questions and their visions for pharmacy in a post-pandemic world, in 500 words or fewer. This is an extraordinary time of change for everyone in pharmacy, and we wanted to read short stories, poems or observational pieces that inspired, moved or made us think.

We had more than 30 entries this year — all of a very high standard. In this podcast, we hear our shortlisted entrants read their entries and we announce the winners. Hosted by executive editor Nigel Praities and opinion editor Abigail James, it also gives an insight into what we really liked about those entries and why we chose them.

Look out for the announcement of another writing competition in spring 2021, but in the meantime, if you wish to write for us, please send your ideas to Abigail at:

Producer: Geoff Marsh

Read all the shortlisted entries

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