Foods that cause blood glucose spike

On the subject of obesity, there is some interesting work appearing. It relates to the body’s blood sugar response to various foods and also to the composition of one’s gut bacterial flora. For me, the blood glucose spike is the most interesting bit. What is clear is that blood glucose spikes that occur eating or drinking are a bad thing.

The public can get blood glucose measuring kits very easily. Providing stool samples and getting them analysed is somewhat unpleasant and costly. Just establish what gives an individual postprandial glucose spikes, and alter eating accordingly. The good gut bacteria will follow. There is a real opportunity for pharmacy to assist and advise people in their investigations.

Although there clearly are differences between individuals, we know that some foods will give most people a glucose spike. For most of us, foods with calories comprising mainly refined sugars or starch, without fat or fibre in the meal to slow things down, are a risky choice. Sugary drinks are probably the worst of all and have almost no place in anybody’s diet.

My 10-year-old health eating rules still seem to work: if it comes in a shiny packet, if it is nationally advertised, or if you think it may have come from a nozzle in a factory, do not consume it regularly.

Brian Curwain

Christchurch, Dorset

Last updated
Clinical Pharmacist, CP, April 2016, Vol 8, No 4;8(4):DOI:10.1211/PJ.2016.20200595

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