Media revelations: trust your pharmacist supported by the RPS

The latest media revelations advising that taking “even short courses of certain painkillers increased the risks of heart attacks” shows how important it is for pharmacists to be accessible as trusted healthcare professionals. Unfortunately in this era of media hype, social media hysteria, and ‘Doctor Google’, patients and customers often have misinformation overload. This means that the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS), in its unique position as leader of the profession, must take the opportunity not only to do the high profile television and radio interview messages it does well, but also really support and motivate the pharmacists on the front line.

I believe that while this is a huge challenge, the links and networks are established — we pharmacists just need to use them better. The daily stress, which is a busy pharmacist’s working day, needs to be supported by clear, easy to use, easy to prioritise communication and supported by an established local peer network. Let us give RPS members national and local support to be envied, and maybe we might just attract a few more members with these benefits.

Mark Collins

Election candidate, English Pharmacy Board

Royal Pharmaceutical Society

The candidate letters for the RPS national pharmacy board elections have not been edited by The Pharmaceutical Journal


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The Pharmaceutical Journal, Media revelations: trust your pharmacist supported by the RPS;Online:DOI:10.1211/PJ.2017.20202753

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