Thorrun Govind, National Pharmacy Board campaign pledge

The RPS is for every sector, all ages, all backgrounds, all pharmacists. A threat to one is a threat to the profession. Yet not every pharmacist is a member. In fact, many younger members of the profession actively choose not to renew, one year post-registration.

I’m keen that the RPS engages with younger pharmacists, the future of pharmacy, to ensure sustainability. Pre-registration can be a daunting time for some trainees and we must ensure that younger pharmacists feel just as supported post-registration as during their registration with the RPS. The time is now for an Early Years Advisory Board which has a firm link with the BPSA to ensure that younger pharmacists are aware of the vast array of new opportunities available to them. Two such opportunities are the Pharmacy Integration Fund (PhIF)-funded diploma, which I am very much looking forward to starting in September, and the Mary Seacole Leadership course which I recently started.

The importance of local practice forums (LPF) in connecting with younger pharmacists must not be undervalued. LPFs provide a vital support network for some pharmacists who spend much of their time working alone or within small teams. Communicating the work that LPFs do from a national level, and celebrating it, is key to supporting LPFs to thrive. I’m in favour of a small number of mini-grants to encourage and support LPF projects. We must appreciate the importance of dedicated volunteers who work locally to champion pharmacy and support colleagues. It is via the enthusiasm of LPF members that many non-RPS members realise the value of the RPS.

With more pharmacists engaged, the RPS is stronger. I believe that support systems must evolve to cater for the new, exciting opportunities that are opening up for pharmacists and to enable pharmacists to transition between sectors. We must recognise the pressure that pharmacists are under. The RPS must set out a clear position that pharmacists should not be placed under workplace pressure that adversely affects patient safety. We need to ensure that pharmacists who are struggling are not afraid to seek help, before workplace pressures overwhelm them, and are supported to do so when they need it. We have to address the challenges to positive mental health that our fellow pharmacists face.

I’m standing for a voice for the individual.


Thorrun Govind, England

This is a campaign pledge for the 2018 National Pharmacy Board elections.

Voting opens on 30 April 2018 and closes on 18 May 2018.

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The Pharmaceutical Journal, Thorrun Govind, National Pharmacy Board campaign pledge;Online:DOI:10.1211/PJ.2018.20204733

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