Aim, scope and audience

The Pharmaceutical Journal

is the official journal of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. It was founded in 1841 and has been issued weekly since 1870, until 2015, when it became a monthly publication.

The Pharmaceutical Journal is published by the Pharmaceutical Press, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and is recognised as an editorially independent publication under the terms of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s charter.

The audience of The Pharmaceutical Journal consists of pharmacists, pharmaceutical scientists and healthcare professionals. The journal is available to 44,000 members of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, as well as non-member individual subscribers and subscribing institutions.

The journal covers news, analysis, features, opinion, learning and careers articles, providing insight and knowledge about drugs, pharmacy practice, medicines use and healthcare policy in the context of the pharmacy profession and pharmaceutical sciences. It also includes peer-reviewed review articles, perspectives, evidence-based CPD articles and research articles on topics from drug discovery to clinical pharmacology and pharmacy. The Editor assumes responsibility for all editorial content.

Pharmaceutical Journal Publications also publish the following titles:

  • Tomorrow’s Pharmacist

    , which provides insight into the realities of a career in the pharmaceutical sciences. It is a valuable resource for pharmacy students, preregistration trainees and young pharmacists.

  • Clinical Pharmacist

    is a peer-reviewed research publication, which is currently being repurposed as an online-only journal.


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The Pharmaceutical Journal, Aim, scope and audience;Online:DOI:10.1211/PJ.2015.20069566

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