Appointments: Membership Committee

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society is seeking nominations for three members to serve on its Membership Committee and would like to invite members to put their names forward.

The committee is appointed by the Appointments Committee of the Assembly, and consists of a chair, vice chair and eight other members of whom at least one will be a Fellow of the Society and the others will be members of the Society. Members of the national pharmacy boards are eligible for appointment but no member of the committee will be a member of the Assembly of the Society.

The committee should broadly be representative of the profession. The committee provides staff with support and guidance in:

  • implementing membership policy;
  • developing policy for the functions of the committee;
  • reviewing non-standard membership applications;
  • administering the Conduct Scheme, including assessing the validity of complaints.

The committee hears appeals and prescribes appropriate and proportionate resolutions in accordance with the Society rules.

The committee reports to the Assembly independently through an annual report, usually submitted at the November Assembly meeting.

To apply for this position, please download the application form and information pack and submit it accompanied with your CV to Yasemin Boran (

The closing date for receipt of all applications is 5pm on Monday 1 August 2016. Following this date the Appointments Committee (who report to the Assembly) will make their decision and all those who put their names forward will be informed.

Helen Gordon

Chief Executive


Useful documents (see supplementary information)

Membership Committee Appointment Form

Membership Committee Terms of Reference

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The Pharmaceutical Journal, Appointments: Membership Committee;Online:DOI:10.1211/PJ.2016.20201376

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