Art editor / production editor’s checklist

  • Have you uploaded the high res/CMYK print image via APS?
  • Upload all images as ‘print-ready’ high-res, CMYK to the AIPS
  • Have you completed the image information in the media library, including:
    • MUST: Have you added a meaningful title to the image? (If in doubt, check with the subeditor)
    • MUST: Have you added the caption (If you do not have the caption, request it from the subeditor). 
    • MUST: Have you added the alt-text? The alt text needs to be either the title or the caption of the image, for accessibility as well as SEO purposes).
    • Recommended: Categories (ask the subeditor for the right categories)

    • MUST: 

      Usage rights. This will tell others whether they can re-use this image or not

    • MUST: Credit info

    • Optional: Credit link (if applicable)
  • Adding images to an article:
    • Have you Inserted images into the article through the ‘image’ tab as necessary?
    • MUST:
      Untick image title after insertion into the article
    • RECOMMENDED: Choose align left unless not possible
    • MUST: 
      Untick the “display” radio button, UNLESS it is a supplementary image not displayed within the body of the article.
    • MUST: Choose one image as the index image. 
    • MUST: Make the image viewable in full size (you should always choose to make the images viewable full size, unless the image displayed is too small
  • Crop
    • Create image crops for the following sizes:
      • 99×99
      • 100×100
      • 180×123
      • 220×123
      • 280×157
      • 360×201
      • 380×217
      • 260×145
      • 230×132
      • 460×257
      • 480×275



Last updated
The Pharmaceutical Journal, Art editor / production editor's checklist;Online:DOI:10.1211/PJ.2014.20065913

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