Call for RPS members to comment on GPhC religion, personal beliefs and values consultation

Aileen Bryson, the deputy director at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Scotland

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) is seeking the views of RPS members on the General Pharmaceutical Council’s (GPhC) consultation on religion, personal beliefs and values in pharmacy.

The consultation proposes a change of wording on personal values and beliefs in the GPhC’s new standards for pharmacy professionals, due to come into effect in 2017. The change will require pharmacists to be responsible for ensuring that their own personal values and beliefs do not compromise their ability to provide patient-centred care.

As a change to regulations on how pharmacists practise, it is important for RPS members to contribute to the RPS’ response, states Aileen Bryson, policy and practice lead for RPS Scotland.

“Any proposed change to regulatory standards has the potential to influence daily pharmacy practice now and for the future. Our consultation responses must fully reflect the views of our members and it is essential that members have the opportunity to shape our policies,” Bryson stresses.

“Religion, personal values and beliefs can be a sensitive area and I would encourage as many members as possible to let me know their views to inform our response.”

The proposed changes to the standards and guidance were prompted by feedback from the consultation in 2016 on standards for pharmacy professionals and reflect the relevant legal framework of human rights and equality law.

RPS members are asked to submit comments on how the change might impact their practice and whether or not they agree with the proposed changes to Aileen Bryson directly at or phone 0131 524 2008 by 22 February 2017. The GPhC consultation ends on 7 March 2017.

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The Pharmaceutical Journal, February 2017;():DOI:10.1211/PJ.2017.20202305

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