Codes of ethics should be developed across healthcare professions, says FIP

Pharmacist associations should consider working with other professional groups to develop transdisciplinary codes of ethics, according to the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP).

Such codes would provide common ground between the pharmacy, nursing and medical professions, leading to better adherence to the codes, suggests Andy Gray, chairman of the FIP code of ethics policy committee.

FIP is also calling on pharmacist associations in all countries to have, produce or support the development of an up-to-date code of ethics.

The aspirations are set out in a statement released by FIP at its annual congress in Bangkok on 1 September 2014.

“This statement of professional standards relating to code of ethics for pharmacists is intended to reaffirm and publicly state the obligations that form the basis of the roles and responsibilities of pharmacists,” said Gray.

The statement is based on an FIP reference document “Pharmacist ethics and professional autonomy: imperatives for keeping pharmacy aligned with public interest”, which was also released at the congress.



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The Pharmaceutical Journal, PJ, 20 September 2014, Vol 293, No 7828;293(7828):DOI:10.1211/PJ.2014.20066398

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