Commercial provider of PGDs for pharmacies shuts down

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A supplier of patient group directions (PGD) for pharmacies has announced that it is shutting down, meaning that any of its PGDs are no longer valid after 10 May 2017.

Red Box Healthcare, which was trading as Pharmacy PGD, made an online announcement
on 10 May 2017, saying that it will no longer issue certificates of PGD service provision and PGD certificates.

The statement did not go into the details, saying only that the company was closing for “reasons beyond our control”.

“If you are using our PGDs, you must stop using them after 10 May 2017,” the announcement says.

Pharmacists who continue to use its PGDs after 10 May 2017 will be breaking General Pharmaceutical Council regulations, the statement warned.

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The Pharmaceutical Journal, Commercial provider of PGDs for pharmacies shuts down;Online:DOI:10.1211/PJ.2017.20202770

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