Letrozole shows promise as infertility treatment

Clomifene, a front-line infertility treatment in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), is not very effective and comes with unpleasant side effects and a high rate of multiple pregnancies.

A study published in 

New England Journal of Medicine
suggest that letrozole, an aromatase inhibitor, may be an effective alternative to clomifene, with potential advantages over standard therapy[1]

Among 750 women with infertility caused by PCOS, cumulative live birth rates were 27.5% in those given letrozole versus 19.1% in those given clomifene (rate ratio 1.44). Ovulation, conception and pregnancy were all significantly more likely with letrozole, while rates of neonatal complications (including anomalies) and adverse events were similar.




[1] Legro RS et al. N Engl J Med 2014; 371:119–129.

Last updated
The Pharmaceutical Journal, PJ, 19 July 2014, Vol 293, No 7819;293(7819):DOI:10.1211/PJ.2014.20065852

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