Little enthusiasm for asthma self-management

Health professionals and patients are unenthusiastic about asthma self-management plans, a pilot study has found. The study explored the views of patients, nurses and general practitioners about guided self-management plans for asthma.

The Pharmaceutical Journal

Vol 265 No 7128p907, 
December 23/30, 2000 Clinical

Little use was made of plans and a mismatch was apparent between the views of professionals and patients on what constitutes a responsible asthma patient and at patients should be doing to control their symptoms. Many patients with mild to moderate asthma did not regard their condition as a chronic disease and felt that guided self-management plans re-enforced asthma as a chronic, ongoing disease. 

The study concluded that attempts to introduce self-management plans in primary care were unlikely to be successful (British Medical Journal 2000;321:1507).


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The Pharmaceutical Journal, PJ, December 2000;():DOI:10.1211/PJ.2000.20003909

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