LloydsPharmacy to send out centrally dispensed items in recyclable bags from 2020

Prescription bag

LloydsPharmacy is making all 6 million of its centrally produced prescription bags recyclable, the multiple has announced.

The pharmacy chain aims to reduce its plastic usage and minimise its impact on the environment by changing its approach to plastic bags.

From January 2020, all prescription bags used by the LloydsPharmacy automated dispensing hubs will be 100% recyclable, the company added.

In a press release, LloydsPharmacy said that the 6 million prescription bags it processes in Warrington, Bristol and Ruislip will now be made from a compound of 85% sugarcane and 15% plastic.

Introducing these environmentally friendly prescription bags is part of McKesson UK’s commitment to improving its environmental impact and reducing its carbon footprint.

Ashley Cowen, supply chain director at McKesson UK, said: “We understand that we have a responsibility to reduce our environmental impact and we know that plastics is an important issue for our customers.”

“Although there is still much debate about what the right approach should be, we carefully considered all options and decided that sugar cane prescription bags are the best solution, for us, without compromising quality or risking product safety.”

The move toward recyclable bags comes after Boots began using plastic bags over paper bags for their centrally dispensed items earlier in 2019, owing to their durability.

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The Pharmaceutical Journal, LloydsPharmacy to send out centrally dispensed items in recyclable bags from 2020;Online:DOI:10.1211/PJ.2019.20207347

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