Milan challenges EMA move to Amsterdam

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The city of Milan is continuing to challenge the decision to relocate the European Medicines Agency’s (EMA) headquarters from London to Amsterdam post-Brexit.

Milan lost out to Amsterdam when the relocation decision was reached on the drawing of lots after the European Council’s 27 EU countries had come to a tied vote.

Giuseppe Sala, mayor of Milan, presented a petition to the European Parliament’s petition committee on 16 May 2018 outlining the city’s objections to the decision. He alleged that the process was not transparent and that the European Council’s final decision to draw lots was a misuse of its power.

Milan’s case also hinges on the argument that it was impossible for the council members to properly assess the two applications.

The petition is the latest move by Milan to challenge the decision to move the headquarters to Amsterdam. It has also taken its case to the European Court of Justice in an attempt to get the decision overturned.

Meanwhile, as of 24 May 2018, the EMA was unable to provide any more details about how many of its staff were planning to relocate to Amsterdam post-Brexit in March 2019. 

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The Pharmaceutical Journal, Milan challenges EMA move to Amsterdam;Online:DOI:10.1211/PJ.2018.20204921

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