Pharmacists’ roles to be analysed as part of foundation framework planning

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society and Health Education England are partnering with the Work Psychology Group to review a possible foundation framework for pharmacy. 

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Pharmacists’ roles in the early years of their careers are to be analysed by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) and Health Education England (HEE) to help design a new foundation framework for pharmacy.

The project, led by the Work Psychology Group will look at roles in the four UK healthcare systems and will include a comparison with foundation training programmes in other professions.

The RPS said it expected to use the analysis “to underpin and guide the design and review of a UK-wide foundation pharmacist framework, which will inform professional capabilities to be tested at the point of entry, during development and upon completion of training programmes”.

HEE will use the analysis as part of its pharmacy education and training review, which is due to be completed in spring 2019.

Gail Fleming, RPS director of education, said the work was an important step to “realising our ambition to ensure that all pharmacists have access to high quality training and supervision in their early post-registration years”.

“It will help to assure that RPS frameworks and curricula remain current and applicable across a broad range of settings benefiting both our members and the patients they care for,” she said.

Roz Cheeseman, pharmacy dean for HEE, said the role analysis work would “provide a valuable piece of evidence to inform a model for developing pharmacists during the early stages of their career”.

“It will feed into HEE’s pharmacy review by informing the development of a common, sustainable education and training pathway for pharmacists so they can have a greater impact on patient care earlier in their career.”

The RPS will invite pharmacists to share their views in a survey later in 2018. 

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The Pharmaceutical Journal, Pharmacists' roles to be analysed as part of foundation framework planning;Online:DOI:10.1211/PJ.2018.20205665

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