RPS Faculty update: new members

The following individuals represent the most recent cohort of members to be successful in gaining admission to the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Faculty. (MFRPSI denotes a Faculty member awarded advanced stage I, MFRPSII denotes a Faculty member awarded advanced stage II, and FFRPS denotes a Faculty fellow.)

Karen Acott FFRPS

Frances Akor FFRPS

Mark Allman FFRPS

Caroline Anderson MFRPSII

Emma Anderson MFRPSII

Ahmad Atchia MFRPSI

Janine Barnes FFRPS

Leena Dilip Bathia MFRPSII

Nicholas Beavon FFRPS

Wendy Clark FFRPS

Wendy Cossey MFRPSII

Emma Davies FFRPS

Mair Davies FFRPS

Alison Eggleton FFRPS

Eleanor Eunson MFRPSII

Mary Evans FFRPS

Gary Fletcher MFRPSII

Alison Grant MFRPSII

Karen Hodson FFRPS

Helen Holdsworth MFRPSII

Jaspal Johal MFRPSI

Fiona Jones MFRPSII

Dilip Joshi FFRPS

Roger Knaggs FFRPS

Daxa Knowles MFRPSII

Susannah Ladds FFRPS

Lorraine Lanchbury MFRPSII

Joanna Lawrence MFRPSII

Wendy Lawson FFRPS

Virginia McNally MFRPSII

Kim Munro FFRPS

Ching Yee Ngan MFRPSII

Caroline Parker FFRPS

Jasmin Patel MFRPSII

Fiona Reid FFRPS

Timothy Rendell FFRPS

Debra Robertson MFRPSII

Howard Rowe FFRPS

Victoria Rutter FFRPS

Tushar Shah MFRPSII

Gillian Shelton MFRPSII

Valerie Sillito MFRPSII

Ash Soni FFRPS

Victoria Speed MFRPSII

Mark Stuart FFRPS


Denise Taylor FFRPS

Elaine Thomson MFRPSII

Penny Thursfield MFRPSII

Antonella Tonna MFRPSII

Sneha Varia MFRPSII

Sharon Warren MFRPSII

Anne Watson FFRPS

Marjorie Weiss FFRPS

Helen Williams FFRPS

Emma Williams MFRPSII

Last updated
The Pharmaceutical Journal, PJ, 4/11 April 2015, Vol 294, No 7856/7;294(7856/7):DOI:10.1211/PJ.2015.20068050

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