RPS Fellow Raj Aggarwal receives top Navy honour

Raj Aggarwal, honorary commander in the Royal Navy and honorary consul for India

Raj Aggarwal FRPharmS has been awarded the title of Honorary Lieutenant Commander in the Royal Navy. The honour was conferred on Aggarwal by Admiral Sir Philip Jones, the First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff, following approval by Queen Elizabeth II. 

Aggarwal, who manages a chain of community pharmacies in Cardiff, is the only Honorary Royal Navy officer in Wales and is the first Indian-born recipient of the title. He will be affiliated to HMS Dragon, an air defence destroyer with links to the city of Cardiff. He is also an honorary consul to India.

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The Pharmaceutical Journal, RPS Fellow Raj Aggarwal receives top Navy honour;Online:DOI:10.1211/PJ.2018.20205464

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