RPS publishes new error reporting standards

RPS Building in London

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society has published a new set of professional standards for the reporting, learning, sharing, taking action and review of incidents relating to patient safety. The standards were developed in collaboration with the Pharmacy Forum of Northern Ireland (PFNI) and the Association of Pharmacy Technicians UK (APTUK) with the support of an expert advisory panel comprising representatives from community and hospital pharmacy.

The standards, which will be reviewed in 2020, are aimed at pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and the wider pharmacy team across the UK and describe good practice to help support a culture of patient safety through sharing and learning from all incidents, including dispensing errors. The 15-page document also outlines which incidents to report and who to report them to, from reporting side effects, counterfeit or defective medicines through the Yellow Card Scheme to reporting errors that have occurred within aseptic preparation services to the pharmaceutical aseptic services group.

The standards have been endorsed by Pharmacy Voice, the Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists, the UK Radiopharmacy Group and the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee.

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The Pharmaceutical Journal, RPS publishes new error reporting standards;Online:DOI:10.1211/PJ.2016.20202046

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