RPS publishes strategy for future pharmacy workforce

Catherine Duggan, chief executive of the International Pharmaceutical Federation

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) has published a strategy document for the future of the pharmacy workforce, which sets out the objectives of the Society and defines the quality of education required for students, trainees and pharmacists. The document also describes pharmacists’ roles and how they should be valued within the healthcare system.

Catherine Duggan, director of professional development and support at the RPS, launched the document on 13 September 2015 at the RPS annual conference. “We now have to start painting a vision for the entire pharmacy workforce… and we need to be able to develop our workforce to fulfil the vision to meet future potential roles that we don’t even know exist yet,” she explained.

The publication outlines that “pharmacists will have core roles within the healthcare system and feature as an integral part of healthcare funding, commissioning and workforce development plans”. It states that “patients, GPs, local authorities, care homes, hospital wards, etc, will be able to name their primary pharmaceutical care-giving pharmacist”.

Additionally, the document asserts: “Pharmacists will have demonstrated development in their skills, knowledge and practice using RPS standards and professional development frameworks in all care settings and for the ultimate benefit of patients.”

Duggan also referenced the developments within the RPS Faculty at the launch, telling delegates: “We are assuring that members and Fellows of the Faculty and Foundation will be able to exceed the requirements for fitness to practise.”

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The Pharmaceutical Journal, PJ, 26 September 2015, Vol 295, No 7881;295(7881):DOI:10.1211/PJ.2015.20069390

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