Sandra Gidley re-affirmed as chair of English Pharmacy Board

Sibby Buckle (left), vice chair of the English Pharmacy Board and Sandra Gidley, chair of the English Pharmacy Board

Sandra Gidley has retained her position as chair of the English Pharmacy Board.

At the latest meeting of the Board, held in London on 21 and 22 June 2017, members elected Gidley to stay in post for another two years.

“In my statement for re-election to the board this year I made it clear that I have one simple aim,” Gidley said after the result. “That is to ensure that the fantastic students being produced by our universities are able to make the most of their clinical skills and can have rewarding (and rewarded!) careers.”

Gidley also spoke of the importance of strengthening links between the board and the various pharmacy sectors — community, hospital, GP surgeries, academia, and science and industry: “Over the last two years I have ensured that the board has received updates from all of these sectors and have turned the agenda from internal navel gazing to us all being better informed about some of the inspirational advances in all areas of pharmacy.”

At the same meeting, Sharon “Sibby” Buckle was elected as vice chair of the Board. “I am delighted and challenged, because this is going to be a challenging year for pharmacy,” said Buckle. “But wherever there is a challenge there is an opportunity. We have a new pharmacy minister and we have a secretary of state who says he wants to better utilise the clinical skills of pharmacists. I want to see delivery on that promise.

“I am passionate about pharmacy, and passionate about representing my profession.”

By dint of their elected positions, Gidley and Buckle will represent the English Pharmacy Board at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) Assembly on 19 July 2017. Four additional English Pharmacy Board members were also elected to the Assembly: David Carter and Sultan “Sid” Dajani will serve for two years, and Mahendra Patel and Ashok Soni will serve for one year.

Martin Astbury, president of the RPS, also goes through to the Assembly as sitting president of the Society.

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The Pharmaceutical Journal, June 2017;():DOI:10.1211/PJ.2017.20203030

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