‘Specialist pharmacies’ to dispense recreational drugs under Green Party government policy

Powdered cocaine

Specially qualified pharmacists would be able to dispense recreational drugs over the counter under a Green Party government, according to the party’s October 2019 drug policy.

The policy, which was voted on with “near-unanimous approval” from party members on 24 October 2019, says that under a Green Party government, “specially qualified pharmacists will be able to dispense supplies of recreational drugs, such as powder cocaine or amphetamines, over the counter to people who wish to use the drugs for recreational purposes”.

The plans include making amphetamine, powder cocaine and psychedelic drugs available in fixed doses to people who wish to use them.

Herbal cannabis would also be available on NHS prescription, produced by government-employed cultivators, the party said, adding that specialist pharmacies would be required to provide full information on support services and safe use information, including guidelines on safe injecting.

The move is part of the party’s wider plan to “end the prohibition of drugs and create a system of legal regulation to minimise the harms associated with drug use, production and supply as part of an inclusive, supportive, socially just society”.

The Green Party said in its policy document that it “recognises that adults should be free to make informed decisions about their own drug consumption, and that such freedom must be balanced against the government’s responsibility to protect individuals and society from harm”.

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The Pharmaceutical Journal, 'Specialist pharmacies' to dispense recreational drugs under Green Party government policy;Online:DOI:10.1211/PJ.2019.20207252

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