Subeditor/production editor’s checklist

Please check the following items before pushing the content through the workflow:

Access rules

  • Is the article going to be under free access? Have you set the access right to “Public” in the settings tab?
  • Is the article going to be subject to access control? If yes:
    • Have you set the access right to “Private” in the settings? 
    • Have you added “premium content” to the categories?

Source category

  • Have you added the source to the article (The Pharmaceutical Journal, Clinical Pharmacist, or Tomorrow’s Pharmacist)


  • Are you sure there is only 1 navigation item assigned?
  • Has the correct nav item been assigned?
    • For The Pharmaceutical Journal, the navigation item should be the same as the article type
    • For Clinical Pharmacist, Tomorrow’s Pharmacist amd Your RPS, the navigation item should be the same as the source (eg. Clinical Pharmacist, or Tomorrow’s Pharmacist or Your RPS)
    • For the article type Special report, the navigation item should be Special Report

Article type

  • Have you assigned the correct article type?


  • Have you completed the image information in the media library, including:
    • MUST: Have you added a meaningful title to the image?
    • MUST: Have you added the caption?
    • MUST: Have you added the alt-text? The alt text needs to be either the title or the caption of the image, for accessibility as well as SEO purposes).
    • Recommended: Categories 
    • MUST: Usage rights. This will tell others whether they can re-use this image or not
    • MUST: Credit info
    • Optional: Credit link (if applicable)
  • Adding images to an article:
    • Have you Inserted images into the article through the ‘image’ tab as necessary?
    • MUST:
      Untick image title after insertion into the article
    • RECOMMENDED: Choose align left unless not possible
    • MUST: 
      Untick the “display” radio button, UNLESS it is a supplementary image not displayed within the body of the article.
    • MUST: Choose one image as the index image. 
    • MUST: Make the image viewable in full size (you should always choose to make the images viewable full size, unless the image displayed is too small
  • For the Column article type the setting for image and standfirst is slightly different
    • The first image of the article will be displayed in the grey box on the top alongside the standfirst.
    • This image should usually be the photo of the columnist
    • This image (unlike other images) should have “display” ticked.


  • Have you assigned the article to the online monthly issue? (eg. Online, July 20140


  • Have you searched to see if the author already exist’s in the database?
  • Have you created a contact for your author?
  • Have you added a photo for the author?
  • Have you added the author’s contact email?
  • Have you saught permission to include author’s photo and email?
  • Have you added the author(s) in the byline section?
  • Have you ticked the Email option for corresponding authors?
  • Is the author information complete?


  • Have you added the source journal (The Pharmaceutical Journal, Clinical Pharmacist, or Tomorrow’s Pharmacist) to categories?
  • Have added at least 4 categories that define your article?

Teaser text

  • Have you created the teaser text? 
  • ALWAYS CREATE teaser text for your files and never pass on through the workflow without a teaser text.


  • Have you created a catchline for your article?


  • has your article got a standfirst.
  • ALWASY create a standfirst for the following article types:
    • News
    • Feature
    • Editorial
    • Comment
    • Column (remember that the column article’s catchline appears in the grey box on the top. See here.
    • Q&A
    • Books and arts
    • Obituary
    • Learning
    • CPD
    • Perspective article
    • Review article
    • Practice report
    • Career feature
    • Career Q&A
    • Career profile
  • You don’t need to create standfirsts for the following article types:
    • Notice-board
    • Announcement
    • News in brief


  • Have you added the long headline (the first headline) with the right keywords that define your article?
  • Have you added the short headline (print headline)?

Article type

  • Have you chosen the right article type for your article?

Pull quotes

  • Have you chosen 1-2 pull quotes for your article?


  • Have you added the references?
  • Have you cross-linked references with reference numbers?

Special report

  • Is this article part of a special report?
  • Have you chosen the right tag for the special report?


  • Right keywords in long headline?
  • Right keywords in standfirst?
  • Right keywords in captions?
  • Right keywords in first paragraph?
  • Right keywords in catchline?


  • Does this article needs comments de-activated?

Related articles, weblinks, polls, grouped articles

  • Have you added the related articles when applicable?
  • Have you added the weblinks when applicable?
  • Does this article belong to/lead a group of articles?
  • Does this article belong to a special report?

Featured stories

  • Does this article need to appear in the “featured” section in drop-down menus? (if yes, choose the “Featured story” category)
  • Does this article need to appear in the grey masthead on homepage? (if yes, choose the “Three story masthead” category)
  • Does this article need to appear in the “Top stories” box? (if yes, choose the “Top story” category)


  • Has the right layout been applied?
    • Column: Columnist style
    • Feature: Picture strory
    • All other articles: Standard


  • Is the date required to be displayed on the story? (if not, untick it in settings)
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The Pharmaceutical Journal, Subeditor/production editor's checklist;Online:DOI:10.1211/PJ.2014.20065915

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