How to print CPD questions

The most common request The Pharmaceutical Journal’s Learning team receives is for the CPD questions to be made available as a download.

There’s a variety of reasons you’ve given this request. Some of you like to print off the questions and sit down with the article, working through it. Others like to complete the questions alongside the article in print (in The Pharmaceutical Journal or Clinical Pharmacist) and then submit your answers. And others are worried about the reliability of their internet connection when completing the module.

Why didn’t we put up the questions to begin with? To provide our readers with a CPD certificate, we have to demonstrate that you have read the article and understood its importance in practice. We also wanted to create a single space for you to store your records and track your learning, safely stored online with no paper records that could be lost. By creating a single portal for the questions, we were taking steps to ensure that they were being completed once an article had been read, and not ticked off as readers went along. However, pharmacists are professionals, and hold themselves to a high ethical standard; that means this shouldn’t be a concern.

The second issue was where to put the questions. We could have housed them as a PDF along the side, but this felt a clumsy and inelegant solution to your needs.

We have now found a solution.

From now on, CPD from The Pharmaceutical Journal and Clinical Pharmacist will list the module’s questions at the end of the article. To find the questions, simply scroll down to the bottom of the page, and open the drop-down menu entitled ‘CPD questions’. Here you will see the questions that will be asked when you complete the online module. If you wish, you can print these questions out.

As always, all the answers to the questions can be found in the article. When you’re ready to begin your assessment, simply sign in and go to ‘start survey’ at the top right of the article; you’ll find the 15 CPD questions waiting for you. If you get 70% or more correct, you’ll be able to download a certificate of your achievement. You can also find all available modules, and records of previously taken modules and certificates, in the ‘My CPD’ section of your online account.

We’ve also listened to your requests to indicate the final question when taking your CPD. Now, instead of stating ‘next’ when you reach the final question, it will be clearly marked ‘submit your answers’. This should allow you to review the answers before submitting them for marking.

The Learning team always values your feedback, so if you have any other suggestions about how we can make it easier for you to complete your CPD portfolio, let us know.

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The Pharmaceutical Journal, How to print CPD questions;Online:DOI:10.1211/PJ.2014.20067027

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