Most popular articles from Your RPS in 2017

Most read stories of the Your RPS section of The Pharmaceutical Journal website in 2017

The last twelve months have seen the RPS welcome new chief executive Paul Bennett, and also Ash Soni who returned for a third term as president.

2017 also saw the roll-out of a new look for local engagement across the UK, with Welsh and Scottish groups rebranding as “RPS Local” under the leadership of new local co-ordinators. English groups will remain as local practice forums for the time being, under the guidance of steering committees, but will use newly designed annual activity templates.

The Society’s online presence was strengthened in April by the launch of a new website, two years in the making, and again in July with the release of the new BNF and BNF for Children app for iOS and Android.

September saw the launch on the Society’s campaign on antimicrobial stewardship (AMS), which calls on pharmacists to play a greater role in safeguarding antibiotics and minimising the spread of antimicrobial resistance. The campaign was launched at the RPS Conference, alongside a new policy document and Quick Reference Guide to AMS.

Finally, in December the Society received some happy news of a former colleague — Doris Jones, who was an assistant librarian at the RPS for almost 50 years, celebrated her 100th birthday.

Below are the ten most-read Your RPS articles of 2017, followed by five articles from 2016 that are still proving popular. If you have any feedback or content suggestions for Your RPS, please get in touch at

  1. New Society Fellows
  2. New BNF and BNF for Children app launched
  3. Essential guide to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  4. Candidates for the 2017 elections to the national pharmacy boards
  5. It’s in our hands: RPS campaign on antimicrobial stewardship encourages good handwashing
  6. Pharmacist independent prescribers can make a significant contribution to antimicrobial stewardship
  7. If you are elected to the RPS pharmacy board, what will be your top two priorities?
  8. What relevant experience or expertise from your professional background will you bring to the RPS pharmacy board?
  9. Veterinary Pharmacy Association launched
  10. RPS issues updated guidance on emergency contraception

Still popular from 2016

  1. The Carter review through the eyes of a hospital pharmacist
  2. Pharmacists have a critical role to play in hospital emergency departments
  3. What is the Falsified Medicines Directive?
  4. Medicines, Ethics and Practice 40 now includes guidance on naloxone and biosimilars
  5. Novel psychoactive substances: what are they and what implications can they have for pharmacists?
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