Most popular learning and CPD articles of 2015

The list of most popular learning and CPD articles published in 2015, as measured by online traffic to the website, is dominated by articles offering practical advice on the management of particular conditions, including hypertension, urinary tract infection and iron deficiency anaemia. All but one of the articles are attached to a CPD module, allowing readers to test their knowledge of the subject by answering fifteen related questions.

The most read article published in 2015, about electrolytes in cardiology, provides a useful overview of heart complications. Some older content, published before 2015, also proved popular last year — a learning article published in 2009 on how to treat a patient whose INR is too high had the most views overall.

In 2016, we will be offering peer-reviewed CPD content and review articles on a variety of specific clinical topics, designed to support you in your everyday practice. Additionally, more of our learning content will be on non-clinical topics that are intrinsically part of pharmacy practice, including communication, consultation, research and teaching skills.

  1. Electrolytes in cardiology
  2. Diuretic therapy explained
  3. Hypertension: pathophysiology and diagnosis
  4. Hypertension: management
  5. Urinary tract infection: management in elderly patients
  6. Iron deficiency anaemia: basic management
  7. Constipation: managing the condition in adults
  8. Inhaled corticosteroids: managing side effects
  9. Liver impairment: ensuring medicines safety
  10. Drug therapies for Helicobacter pylori infections

If you would like a recap on our articles from 2015, try testing your knowledge with our summary quiz. 

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The Pharmaceutical Journal, Most popular learning and CPD articles of 2015;Online:DOI:10.1211/PJ.2016.20200442

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