Reliable source of oral health information

Useful text for anyone involved in promoting good oral health.

The scientific basis of oral health education

This is the seventh edition of an established dental textbook first published in 1976 to provide a sound scientific basis to oral health education. It updates the evidence base used in previous editions while expanding the sections about behavioural change and links between oral health and other diseases.

A quarter of the book provides guidance in bullet point form on implementing recommendations published by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence in the UK. The style is dry and academic here but this section would be a boon to those involved in developing oral health education policies and strategies.

The rest of the book covers the important messages used to promote good oral health in a clear and user-friendly manner. The essential points given at the beginning of each chapter are particularly useful and are graded to indicate the strength of the evidence base available to support them.

Although much of the information and advice in the book can be found in pharmacy textbooks and update articles, this is a worthwhile addition to the pharmacy bookshelf as a reliable source of oral health information in one place.


‘The scientific basis of oral health education’, by R S Levine and C R Stillman-Lowe. Pp141 £40. London: British Dental Association; 2014. ISBN 978 1 907923 07 4

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The Pharmaceutical Journal, PJ, 7 March 2015, Vol 294, No 7852;294(7852):DOI:10.1211/PJ.2015.20067927

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