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Essential information for practitioners to help patients gain optimal benefit from self-medication.

Handbook of nonprescription drugs: an interactive approach to self-care

This book offers comprehensive information on non-prescription pharmacotherapy, nutritional supplements, medical foods, non-drug and preventive measures, and complementary therapies. It provides US Food and Drug Administration-approved dosing information for non-prescription medicines along with evidence-based advice on the efficacy and safety of over-the-counter herbal products.

It is intended to serve as an authoritative source for healthcare educators, practitioners and students who offer advice and care for patients undertaking self-treatment. It shows how to assess and triage patient’s medical complaints.

Most chapters relate to diseases and are grouped according to body systems. They begin with a discussion of the epidemiological, etiological, pathophysiological characteristics and the clinical manifestations of the disorder, followed by a comprehensive discussion of self-care options. Case studies, treatment algorithms, comparison of self-treatments, patient education suggestions and product selection guidelines foster an interactive approach to learning. Product comparisons are based on clinical studies of safety and efficacy while product selection guidelines are based on patient factors and preferences. Evaluating patient outcomes and criteria for referring patients to a physician are important features.

Much of the information is tabulated for ease of access and each chapter is well referenced with the most up-to-date information available. This book is also available online through the subscription-based PharmacyLibrary portal.

This latest edition of ‘Handbook of non-prescription drugs’ is an excellent resource for all practitioners and students engaged in helping patients to gain optimal benefit from self-medication and self-care. Although this book refers to products that are marketed in the United States, there is sufficient overlap to ensure that it will be of use to UK readers.


‘Handbook of non-prescription drugs: an interactive approach to self-care 18th edition’, editor in chief Daniel L. Krinsky. Pp xxii+1041. Price $182.95. Washington: American Pharmacists Association; 2014 ISBN 978 1 58212 225 0

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