Returning The Pharmaceutical Journal to its roots

How we are making The Pharmaceutical Journal bigger, better and greener.

PJ August leader

You may notice some differences in this month’s publication package. The most obvious of which is that a print edition of Clinical Pharmacist will not land on your doormat, but your print edition of The Pharmaceutical Journal will feel weightier and thicker than usual.

The second change helps explain the first. We will move the content that would have previously appeared in Clinical Pharmacist into The Pharmaceutical Journal. And for good reason: The Pharmaceutical Journal is becoming bigger and better.

The monthly print edition of The Pharmaceutical Journal will now contain peer-reviewed CPD articles, perspectives and original research, as well as the existing news, features, opinion, learning and careers content contained within The Pharmaceutical Journal. Also, the combined page count of editorial content in print will remain largely similar.

A blog, ‘Inside The Pharmaceutical Journal, explains in detail the rationale and process we went through before we made these changes, with a resounding majority (87%) of surveyed Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) members supporting the proposal.

Plastic wrap is gone and a biodegradable wrap will take its place … we are proud to play a small part in ensuring a more sustainable future

We are planning to relaunch Clinical Pharmacist as an online-only open access journal as part of an overarching strategy to enhance the contribution the RPS makes to disseminating impactful research. The launch of the online-only open access 
Integrated Healthcare Journal,
 in collaboration with The BMJ, is planned for later in 2019 and, with submissions now being accepted, this too represents an important part of this effort. This new journal will promote a joined-up approach to healthcare design and delivery, in which healthcare professionals, service providers, patients, patient groups, and carers are brought together.

Another thing you may notice is that The Pharmaceutical Journal’s clear packaging will seem different — the plastic wrap is gone and a biodegradable wrap will take its place. We have received plenty of feedback that readers are worried about the environmental impact of plastic and we are proud to play a small part in ensuring a more sustainable future.

We thank you for responding to our survey that supported these changes and ask that you continue to provide feedback to let us know how The Pharmaceutical Journal can better serve you, the pharmacy profession, and the pharmaceutical sciences.

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The Pharmaceutical Journal, PJ, August 2019, Vol 303, No 7928;303(7928)::DOI:10.1211/PJ.2019.20206977

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