Specialised text for those in CNS drug research

Discovering the latest research into how to deliver drugs to the brain.

'Pharmacology of the blood brain barrier: Targeting CNS disorders' edited by Thomas P Davis

This comprehensive book is divided into three main sections. The first describes the blood brain barrier and receptor-mediated transporters that can be pharmacologically targeted to improve or modulate central nervous system drug delivery. The second focuses on specific targeting of central nervous system (CNS) disorders associated with stroke, inflammation, ischemia, cancer, human African trypanosomiasis sleeping sickness and two chapters describing advances in engineering proteins, peptides and antibodies to treat CNS disorders. The third discusses the challenges of treating co-morbidities such as hyperglycaemia with diabetes, haemorrhagic transformation or stroke; ageing with metabolic syndrome or ischaemic stroke; and drug abuse-induced CNS disorders. Each chapter opens with a contents section followed by an abstract, abbreviations and an introduction to the subject, and ends with a conclusion and conflict-of-interest declarations by the authors. The references cited at the end of each chapter cover the world literature on that subject.

After a brief introduction, the chapter on delivery of chemotherapeutics across the blood brain barrier describes primary CNS lymphomas and preclinical and clinical studies with monoclonal antibodies, chemoprotection studies and advances in neuroimaging. It concludes by stating that blood brain barrier disruption treatment should be undertaken only by trained multidisciplinary teams at centres where neurooncology, interventional neurosurgery/neuroradiology, neuroanaesthesia and experienced oncology nursing are available.

This book has brought together a group of outstanding, internationally acclaimed experts with a strong allegiance to their chosen fields. After a century of developing and testing CNS drugs, pharmaceutical and biotech companies remain frustrated at the enormity of the problems associated with delivering drugs to the CNS. It is hoped that this book will be a source of inspiration and stimulate drug development strategies and ideas that will result in improved CNS drug design and delivery.

This specialised reference source will have a limited distribution. It will not be found on the bookshelves of practising pharmacists but it will be of immense value to those working in the area of CNS drug research or development and will also have a place in the libraries of academic institutions. 


‘Pharmacology of the blood brain barrier: targeting CNS disorders’, edited by Thomas P Davis. Pp xvi + 495. Price £155. Oxford: Academic Press; 2014. ISBN 978 0 12 800282

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