The Pharmaceutical Journal’s most read opinion pieces of 2016

Brexit, disclosure of clinical trial data and the roles of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are just some of the most read comment topics in 2016. And, for the first time, we have a round up of the most popular insight pieces of 2016 as well.

Top 5 comment pieces

How Brexit will affect healthcare, science and research

Perhaps unsurprisingly, one of the major world events that happened in 2016 was the UK referendum in June 2016 on whether to leave the EU. In the lead up to the vote, we published a head to head piece airing the views of the “remain” and “leave” camps on how Brexit will change healthcare, science and research.

Defining clinical pharmacy: a new paradigm

In the constantly evolving world of pharmacy, terms and buzzwords come and go. The authors of this piece looks at the change in practice of pharmacy in recent decades and suggests a new definition for the term “clinical pharmacy”.

Delegation is key to advancing the pharmacy profession

In keeping with the topic of the changing face and role of pharmacy, the president of the Association of Pharmacy Technicians UK argues why pharmacists need to place more trust and responsibilities on pharmacy technicians if they are to fulfil more clinical roles.

How full disclosure of clinical trial data will benefit the pharmaceutical industry

Drug trial data transparency (or the lack of it) is never far from the media headlines. This piece examines why disclosing clinical trial data is a step in the right direction towards transparency, which benefits both the public and the pharmaceutical industry.

Non-patient facing roles in hospital pharmacy are just as vital as patient facing ones

There has been somewhat of a push for patient-facing roles for pharmacists, and there is a sense that any role that is non-patient facing is deemed unimportant or unworthy. The author of this piece argues why some non-patient-facing roles are just as important as patient-facing ones.

Top 3 insight pieces

Time to halt the overprescribing of proton pump inhibitors

Proton pump inhibitors is probably one of the most common drugs pharmacists will come across and dispense. So it is unsurprising this piece, highlight the dangers of the overuse of this group of drugs, is the most read insight piece of 2016

It’s time to change the way we approach coughs in community pharmacy

Most people will go to their local pharmacy to ask for advice and treatments for a common cough. The traditional cough model is being challenged by the author this piece and he suggests that we need to look at the treatment of coughs in the community differently.

How to reduce the risks associated with vitamin D self-supplementation

Vitamin D supplementation has been making headlines in 2016, with Public Health England recommending that people take vitamin D supplements, particularly over the winter months when there is little sunlight. The author of this piece reminds readers the risks of over-supplementation with vitamin D and how pharmacists can help minimises the risks.








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