Top five infographics of 2019

Top five infographics in The Pharmaceutical Journal in 2019

Medicines-related harm is an issue close to the hearts of all of those who work in pharmacy, making our infographic on medication errors the most popular of 2019. The infographic provided a visual summary of where and when medication errors occur based on the latest estimates in England.

Other topics that made it into the top five most-viewed infographics this year include hospitals’ progress in meeting Lord Carter’s efficiency targets, and the pathology and treatment of joint pain.

In 2019, the top infographics were:

5. Hay fever: OTC management

More patients may seek advice on hay fever in the future, since NHS England has advised GPs not to routinely prescribe products that are available over the counter for this condition.

4. Opioids in England: crisis averted?

Despite a 20% increase in opioid prescriptions per 1,000 population over the past decade, there are signs that a US-style opioid epidemic may have been averted.

3. Joint pain: pathology and treatment

An overview of joint pain for community pharmacy teams.

2. The Carter review: how are hospitals measuring up?

Two years on from Lord Carter’s 2016 review of hospital efficiency, The Pharmaceutical Journal looks at the progress pharmacy departments in England are making towards meeting his challenging targets.

1. Medication errors: where do they happen?

Reducing medicines-related harm requires a clear understanding of where and when errors occur. This visual summary shows the latest estimates in England per year.

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The Pharmaceutical Journal, Top five infographics of 2019;Online:DOI:10.1211/PJ.2019.20207476

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