Top learning and CPD articles of 2016

Collage of images from the top learning and CPD articles of 2016

With nearly 1.4 million pageviews in 2016 (as measured by online traffic to the website), our learning section has covered a variety of topics this year, with CPD and learning articles ranging from insulin initiation in patients with diabetes to helping patients optimise their inhaler technique. Our peer-reviewed CPD articles have been designed to meet specific learning objectives relevant to clinical practice, and are all accompanied by an online assessment. Our learning articles cover topics related to pharmacy practice and pharmaceutical sciences, as well as soft skills to support pharmacists in their career development. In 2017, we will continue to add to our learning library with more CPD and learning content.

Top five learning articles published in 2016

  1. How pharmacists can support and advise patients during Ramadan
  2. How to help patients optimise their inhaler technique
  3. How to take an accurate and detailed medication history 
  4. Recommending dry eye treatments in community pharmacy 
  5. Identification of dry eye conditions in community pharmacy


Top five CPD articles published in 2016

  1. Insulin initiation in patients with diabetes
  2. Non-statin drugs for the management of dyslipidaemia in adults
  3. Chronic Kidney Disease – Mineral and Bone Disorder: pathophysiology and treatment
  4. Bridging anticoagulation: perioperative management of patients on anticoagulants
  5. Bariatric surgery and the effects on drug pharmacokinetics

If you would like a recap on some of our articles published in 2016, you can test your knowledge in our summary quiz.

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