Pinkie Chambers

Pinkie Chambers is lead pharmacist, cancer applied health research, at the University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.
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As a clinical academic pharmacist, Pinkie Chambers’ vision and passion is to improve patient experience and outcomes for those receiving chemotherapy. 

Since completing her MPharm at the University of Manchester in 2002, Pinkie has held various roles, including developing new oncology clinic pharmacy services at University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and as lead pharmacist for London Cancer, a partnership of academic, charity and NHS cancer specialists. 

She co-chairs the UK Chemotherapy Board; is joint audit and research lead for the British Oncology Pharmacy Association (BOPA); and is chair of the Chemotherapy Expert Reference Group at the North Central London Cancer Alliance.

Pinkie is a leading proponent of practice-based research and a role model for how pharmacy can enhance the evidence base and drive improvements in patient care. Producing research, evaluations and improvement work has always been a central component of how Pinkie approaches her work. After progressing into a lead pharmacist role supporting ten hospitals across London, she began to see practice inconsistencies and instances where the core evidence was missing. The capabilities to provide that evidence were also lacking, so Pinkie decided she had to become the person to fill that gap. 

With the support and encouragement of mentors, this instinct for improvement work was able to flourish and Pinkie successfully pursued the National Institute for Health and Care Research pathway towards a clinical academic career and completed her PhD in 2021.

As a clinical pharmacist, Pinkie’s research is driven by the challenges she sees daily within her practice role. An impressive aspect of Pinkie’s nomination was her drive to not only identify and solve problems but also to see solutions implemented, with much of her research resulting in changes to clinical practice. An example of this relates to her analysis of whether people with obesity and cancer were being dosed correctly, resulting in her first published paper. 

“It was a piece of evidence that really needed doing. Before, patient doses were being capped if they were too tall or too overweight, meaning they were potentially missing out on treatment unnecessarily,” she says. “It took four years to complete the work and, in that time, no one else had looked at these questions.” 

Pinkie was able to successfully disseminate the evidence by first communicating her results to clinical triallists to inform their future trial designs, and it was subsequently adopted into international policy.

Pinkie is an influential member of the pharmacy research community and is skilled in collaboration and building networks. She also uses her research profile and clinical background to support other aspiring pharmacists looking to start their own research journeys. Pinkie is actively building capacity for pharmacist research in the UK, through her active contributions to the cancer pharmacy community and by providing mentorship to a growing number of pharmacy researchers. 

Panel comments

“Excellent illustration of potential as an early career researcher, working with patients within the hugely important field of cancer therapeutics.”


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