Advancing equitable governance: a commitment to transparency and continuous improvement

As I campaign for a position on the English Pharmacy Board, I am driven by a vision to enhance governance and establish new benchmarks for excellence and accountability in our profession. The harrowing events at Gosport War Memorial Hospital from 1988 to 2000, where governance failures led to over 450 premature deaths due to inappropriate opioid use, deeply affect me. This stands as one of the gravest scandals in NHS history and serves as a stark reminder of the dire consequences of inadequate governance.

Today, with advancements in technology and data-driven care, such an incident would likely be detected much sooner. However, it remains our duty as pharmacy professionals to ensure robust governance systems and professional standards are in place, to safeguard patient safety at all times.

As your representative, I am dedicated to advocating for policies that enhance our governance frameworks, promoting a culture of continuous improvement and transparency. We must embrace governance models that are innovative and responsive to the dynamic nature of our field, integrating the lessons learned from past failures like Gosport.

Our mission goes beyond mere compliance; it involves proactive leadership to shape the future of healthcare. By incorporating advanced technologies and evidence-based practices into our governance, we aim to improve patient outcomes and advance professional development. Digital transformation will streamline our operations, boosting efficiency and ensuring we remain adaptable and accountable.

Moreover, I pledge to ensure that our governance structures are inclusive, equitable and truly reflective of the diverse voices within our community. Only through comprehensive and inclusive governance can we meet the needs of all stakeholders and maintain public trust.

I ask for your support to advance a vision of robust, progressive governance that ensures the Royal Pharmaceutical Society continues to lead with integrity and excellence. Together, we can ensure our profession is not only a trusted pillar of healthcare but also a beacon of innovation and ethical practice. Thank you for considering my candidacy. I am eager to bring my dedication to strong governance to the English Pharmacy Board and advocate for a thriving future for us all.

Preety (Emlata) Ramdut

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The Pharmaceutical Journal, PJ, May 2024, Vol 312, No 7985;312(7985)::DOI:10.1211/PJ.2024.1.313535

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