Call for evidence for UK Commission on Pharmacy Professional Leadership

We are calling on pharmacists and pharmacy technicians everywhere to take part in the UK Commission on Pharmacy Professional Leadership.

The overall purpose of professional leadership is to influence, promote and support the delivery of the highest possible standards of professional practice to continue to drive up the quality of patient care.

The independent Commission has been set up by the four UK chief pharmaceutical officers, who act as advisors to it, and it will deliver its report to them by December 2022.

Its role is to advise on the future of pharmacy professional leadership in the UK, producing recommendations on the purpose, functions, governance and design.

The 23 Commission members have been appointed on behalf of all pharmacy professionals to contribute their expertise in and knowledge of professional leadership and are not appointed to represent their particular countries, organisations, sectors or roles.

The Commission has set out to work collaboratively and involve pharmacists and pharmacy technicians across all four countries, and a call for evidence has been established, which is a crucial opportunity for people to influence the work.

We all know that good and inclusive pharmacy professional leadership is vital for safe and effective pharmacy care and it is essential that this leadership is providing the right direction, helping develop careers and underpinning first class practice. Pharmacy encompasses rapidly changing and developing professions with increasing clinical responsibilities and opportunities, and that’s why the Commission’s work and the call for evidence are so important. We believe this is needed to ensure the pharmacy professions and, consequently, patients can benefit from the many opportunities in the years ahead.

This is a vital moment to take stock, to really think about what kind of professional leadership the pharmacy professions need. The independent Commission and its five working groups are made up of highly experienced and qualified people, but they can’t do anything without the feedback provided by people completing the online survey. Your contributions will be independently evaluated and a summary report will be published and shared with the Commission and its working groups at the start of October.

Find out more about the UK Commission on Pharmacy Professional Leadership and take part in its call for evidence here:

The closing date for the call for evidence is Wednesday 28 September 2022 at midnight.

UK Commission on Pharmacy Professional Leadership Co-Chairs: Nigel Clarke, Former Chair of the General Pharmaceutical Council; Dame Jane Dacre, professor of medical education, University College London and former president, Royal College of Physicians

The closing date for the call to evidence was amended on 15 September 2022

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The Pharmaceutical Journal, PJ, September 2022, Vol 309, No 7965;309(3965)::DOI:10.1211/PJ.2022.1.156772

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