The privilege of becoming an RPS Fellow

Seeing FPS (Fellow of the [then] Pharmaceutical Society) on the chief pharmacist’s door at Hereford General Hospital made quite an impression on me back in 1977. Still an undergraduate, I realised this was someone who had made a significant contribution to the profession I aspired to join. Later, I learned that this honour is bestowed by one’s peers — pharmacists acknowledging that the recipient is worthy of the title Fellow. 

Now, of course, it is the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS), the title is ‘FRPharmS’, and some 30+ years after my first encounter with the title ‘Fellow’, I was humbled to become one. 

I have also had the privilege to join the panel of Fellows, which receives nominations from the profession to add new Fellows; this gives the opportunity of reading the remarkable contributions pharmacists are making to improve patient care, innovate, change lives and develop pharmacy across many fields. Reading the achievements of prospective Fellows would be an incentive in itself to join the panel, though I suppose that is post hoc reasoning.

I joined the panel to make a contribution to the process I had first encountered as an undergraduate and to encourage pharmacists to nominate those they see making ‘an outstanding original contribution to the advancement of pharmaceutical knowledge, attained distinction in the science, practice, profession or history of pharmacy, and have demonstrably gone above and beyond their day job’.

So, let me do that now: do consider if you can nominate a pharmacist for Fellowship. Guidance is on the RPS website, but I am sure there are many current Fellows who would be happy to help. I know the panel is keen to see nominations from across pharmacy practice, in all parts of Great Britain, that reflect the diversity of which we are rightly proud of in the profession. The panel next meets in May 2024 and this round of nominations closes on 24 April 2024.

Finally, if you are a Fellow, as and when an opportunity arises to join the panel, think about applying. I am sure current members would be happy to discuss the role with you.

Martin Stephens

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The Pharmaceutical Journal, PJ, February 2024, Vol 312, No 7982;312(7982)::DOI:10.1211/PJ.2024.1.231517

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