Whose job was that?

It started with a new millennium graduation, a few BPharm to MPharm hiccups along the way

A natural flow into community reflecting my corner shop a stereotypical Patel

Pharmacy but not a pharmacist

Not inspired for my future, who’s job was that

Somewhat disconnected from leadership, with the slippery poles of multiples

The ‘missed’ boat of hospital

The high community salaries almost a trap for stagnation

More operational than clinical ,  but learning skills about people

About flow, about change at the end of the food chain

Acquiring skills inadvertently, that reflect, appreciate in my new role

My resilience as a leader, deflector, inspirer, disruptor

Put in a box, with a label, by those I don’t trust

Somewhat disconnected from leadership but some of us have given it a go

Team leader, manager, LPC, regional, now a Head and a Chief

You can’t just be an ideas man!

Yes I can!

I can build them, and deliver them, and measure them and share them!

Our paths are all varied, journeys to date

Enrich our approach, our instinct

That can define what we do

Put ourselves in a box with label, with our own lack of trust

We are one profession, one workforce, but have been divided by greed

By ambition, by agenda’s

When did you last feel valued by our leaders?

Inspired by their values? The guild of this, the society of that

More associations that drive disassociation

Pharmacists, take hold of your future, be the driver for change

Invest in yourself and those that you believe in

Unification is our aim, transformation in numbers

With those with consensus but also those able to challenge and support

With those that understand

That can relate to your day

To your tomorrow

And your yesterday

Ankish Patel

Last updated
The Pharmaceutical Journal, PJ, May 2024, Vol 312, No 7985;312(7985)::DOI:10.1211/PJ.2024.1.312853

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