Emergency contraception: The value of consultations

14 September 2017: The cost of emergency contraception, and the value of the consultation with a pharmacist, was debated on ITV lunchtime news by Neal Patel, spokesperson at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, and Anne Furedi, British Pregnancy Advisory Service chief executive. “Having a discussion with the pharmacist is central to providing emergency contraception,” Patel said. “A consultation firstly helps define if the tablet will be effective by being taken within the right time frame. It further supports a woman to consider her future use of contraception, her risk of sexually transmitted infections and help with any other sexual health questions she may have. The consultation is free and unconnected to the cost of the product.”

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The Pharmaceutical Journal, Emergency contraception: The value of consultations;Online:DOI:10.1211/PJ.2017.20203624

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