English Pharmacy Board united in opposition to funding cuts

Sandra Gidley

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s (RPS) English Pharmacy Board (EPB) has said it has “consistently been united in its opposition to the [community pharmacy funding] cuts”.

In a motion, the text of which was released on 22 June 2018, the EPB added that “there has never been any dissent” from the board’s position on the cuts, which is that it “wholly opposes and condemns” them.

The EPB’s motion was published following the board’s most recent meeting, held on 21 June 2018. During that meeting, board member Sid Dajani had proposed a motion that the board “wholly deplores the imposed cuts on community pharmacy remuneration”. Earlier in June 2018, Dajani had released a statement announcing that he would table a motion asking the RPS ”to stand full-square” alongside other pharmacy bodies in condeming the cuts. 

Speaking during the meeting after Dajani’s motion was proposed, Ash Soni, president of the RPS, said the board had always stood against the cuts, and that the motion “reflects very much what we have already said” — a sentiment that was echoed by the board.

Sandra Gidley, chair of the EPB, then proposed a second motion, which stated that the board had consistently opposed the cuts and that it would “continue to work closely with other pharmacy organisations … to press for a positive and financially sustainable future for community pharmacy”.

In response, Dajani withdrew his original motion and the board voted unanimously to support the second.

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The Pharmaceutical Journal, English Pharmacy Board united in opposition to funding cuts;Online:DOI:10.1211/PJ.2018.20205051

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