Tribute: Graeme Stewart Millar

I first met Graeme and his wife, Fay, at a conference of Scottish pharmacists in North Berwick in 1979. In those days, the Scottish department of the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain held an annual conference in Scotland, which not only had professional content but was also a place for pharmacists to meet socially with colleagues from across the country.

The branch network which then existed was a strong source of identity. This reminds me of an occasion in 1983, when Graeme was chairman of the Edinburgh and Lothians branch of the Society, and I was chairman of the branch in Stirling and Central Scotland. In those days, the annual British Pharmaceutical Conference not only had its scientific, academic and professional sessions, but also a very important and vigorous social programme of evening events. In 1983, the conference was in London and as an adjunct to the ‘official’ programme of events, Graeme and I hosted a reception at The Sloane Club in the city. He was always an amiable host!

Like a Colossus, he bridged the transition of the Society into its Royal status, and the profession of pharmacy into an enhanced role in the health of the nation.

Others will more ably express his contribution to the betterment of community pharmacy; to the effective conduct of Lothian Health Board; to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh; to the Foods Standard Agency and many more organisations which benefitted from his powerful leadership.

Graeme and Fay were hugely proud of their three sons, Alastair, Lewis and Ross. My sympathy is with them. For those of us who were privileged to have him as a friend, we miss him already.

Kenneth Gray FRPharmS 

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