Tribute: Graham Calder

We were sorry to learn of the death of Graham Calder and, on behalf of our former colleagues in the College of Pharmacy Practice, which closed in 2010 with its functions and assets being transferred to the Society and Faculty, we would like to add our words of tribute to those already published.

Graham was already recognised as a leader in the profession when the college was set up in 1981; he became a founder member, serving on the Board of Management and the Research and Development Advisory Committee. He was the second ever recipient of the College Schering Award in 1987, which was given in recognition of the way in which he had influenced the practice of pharmacy through the practical implementation of his innovative ideas and his encouragement of young pharmacists to take advantage of educational opportunities in their professional development.

Of particular note was his development of the first ward pharmacy service in the UK and the Aberdeen Kardex system; his support for pharmacists providing specialist services at regional level in England; and his role in the development of postqualification education for pharmacists in Scotland.

Following his retirement as chief pharmacist in Scotland, Graham served as the College of Pharmacy Practice’s regional adviser for Scotland and was elected as a governor of the College, serving as vice-chair in 1996–1997 and chair in 1997–1999. During this time, he was the driving force behind the alignment of the various stages in the Scottish Vocational Training Scheme with the requirements for College Membership and Fellowship, leading to a great increase in college membership in Scotland.

We are among the many pharmacists throughout the UK who have reason to be grateful to Graham Calder for his wise counsel; his vision and enthusiasm; his engaging personality; and his ready sense of humour. We were honoured to be his colleagues in the College of Pharmacy Practice and offer our sincere condolences to his family.


Alan Crabbe and John Farwell, former chairs, and

 Ian G Simpson, former chief executive of the College of Pharmacy Practice


  • This article was originally scheduled to be published on 18 October 2018; however, it was published late due to a technical error

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