Tribute to Bryan Holroyd Hartley

Reading the notice of Bryan’s death made me feel sad but it also brought to mind so many happy memories.

We first met 45 years or so ago when he was an established member of the Department of Health’s team, and I was a newly appointed society’s inspector. We didn’t cross swords and lose our tempers but we had many ‘pertinent’ discussions about our varied interpretations of relevant sections of the Medicines Act. Over the years, Bryan became chief pharmaceutical officer at the Department of Health, and I the assistant secretary of the society, and our paths crossed even more frequently both formally and socially.

When I retired 26 years ago, this was reduced to Christmas cards and the occasional letter, but once a relationship has been established this is enough to keep the flame alight. When he was considering retirement he even made enquiries about moving to the same Cotswold town that we had made our home and for us it was a pity that he didn’t, as he would have been a great asset to the town and a joy to us, but then I know he was such an asset in Totnes.

Others may comment on his achievements; I simply reflect on a genuine professional friend for whom I had a considerable regard and to whom the profession owes a debt. It was a pity he and his family didn’t move to the Cotswolds because it would have given me considerable pleasure to join with him on a Sunday morning on our way to the methodist church, for that was something else we shared, wearing our double-breasted waistcoats, another joint peccadillo.

May he rest in peace.

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The Pharmaceutical Journal, PJ, August 2017, Vol 299, 7904;299(7904)::DOI:10.1211/PJ.2017.20203069

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