Tribute to Ian Caldwell

As the recently appointed secretary of the City of Glasgow Local Pharmaceutical Committee, I first met Ian Caldwell in 1965. We had arranged to meet ahead of his first meeting in More’s Hotel India Street Glasgow for a briefing. When I arrived, he was there ahead of me characteristically early and had ordered up some tea that came on a silver tray with matching silverware. However coincidental, the scenario was so reflective of the essential Ian Caldwell that I was to know, admire and respect for 50 years. He achieved highly and he did so with style — of speech, demeanour and courtesies.

What he achieved most in and for our profession is celebrated in other tributes. I have been privileged to be associated with his work in the former Glasgow and West of Scotland Branch, the Chemist Contractors Committee and the Local Pharmaceutical Committee in Glasgow and their successors, and the former Scottish Executive. These were all the beneficiaries of his notable professional, leadership and social skills.

From many visits to 1 Lambeth High Street I was closely aware of his progression through the Council of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society to the presidency. His hosting of formal and social gatherings was manifestly to the manner born. He exercised a particular concern for the custodianship and stewardship of the Society’s large collection of historical artefacts and documents in London and Edinburgh. It reflects very well the alternative Ian, the scholarly man carried forward into his later years.

His pharmacist contemporaries joined family and friends at Larkhall. A fine portrait of Ian Caldwell fronted the Order of Service and a wonderfully evocative colour sketch of the social Ian brought up the rear. Together we celebrated courage, determination, humour and achievement. We sang about vision, grace and things bright and beautiful. I think that the Ian we have known inspires all that.

To Anne, Carol and the family, we express again our caring thoughts and our admiration and respect for a life well and fruitfully lived.

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The Pharmaceutical Journal, PJ, 23/30 May 2015, Vol 294, No 7863/4;294(7863/4)::DOI:10.1211/PJ.2015.20068497

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